Dom Gauci is an image-maker and contemporary artist.  Her images, both freehand sketches and digital prints typically consist of portraiture.  Dom’s work follows an investigation into iconography through celebrity and pop culture.

We find it interesting that people find inspiration through other people.  A picture on the wall of an artist or celebrity can create dreams, hopes and desires. Often a symbol of a lifestyle or personality that lies with in the viewer or in DG Designs’ case, the customer.   

I think it is evident and best described by Dom herself that she takes inspiration from her subjects. Dom is direct, yet polite and appears to know what she wants, her presence is powerful and instils a feeling that she actions her ideas with purpose. Perhaps run by instinct or perhaps taken from the personality traits shown by the people that she pictures.  Either way, the production of her artwork and business that she has generated to surround it shows a brave approach to living your life doing what you love and making your passion work for you.  The once inspired is now becoming the inspirer.

The subject matter studied is developed through process, each piece layered through colour blocks that shape the lines in the face of the portrait.  It is a product discovered through creativity and manufactured through a disciplined process.  A creative idea is just an idea without a method of execution.  Jack + Bell caught up with Dom and questioned her on her routines, her process and inspirations whilst capturing her in her own inspirational way.

Dom Gauci:
Art Direction: Jack + Bell
Photography:  Cinema Thom:
On set Director: Olympia Scott:
On set Director: a.g. press


What time do you get up in the morning? 
DG:  Honestly…5:15 am. When work is busy, my brain decides its a good idea to wake me up naturally around 5am!

You run your own business(s), how does this affect your morning routine? 
DG: I’ve always had a fairly strict morning routine my whole life - it’s imperative that I set my day up right. As soon as I wake up I will do some sort of exercise, eat a healthy breakfast and then start responding to e-mails by about 7:30. 

What is your day job? 
DG: I have two businesses so it’s a mix of managing both! I have DG Designs which is my artwork business, as well as Maiden Lane which is a boutique creative agency that specialises in graphic design.  

To me luxury is something that must be earned. I don’t see the value in anything that isn’t worked hard for - so for me, luxury is a reward for great efforts.
Dom RAWS for JB-17.jpg

Why do you what you do?
DG: The honest answer is because I love it. I think it is so important to do what you are passionate about, and not waste your time working for something that doesn’t excite or motivate you. 

What is the most rewarding thing you do in your daily routine? 
Hmm.. I’m not sure about rewarding because every day seems to be completely different - but my favourite part of my daily routine is my morning COFFEE. For sure - Cold brew coffee mixed with ice and collagen. Gets my day started!

Your business’ are very active on social media, what effect does this have on the business?
By being active on social media, both DG Designs and Maiden Lane organically generate new business daily! It also is a great way to showcase what I’ve done for perspective brands that may want to collaborate down the track. 

What is your most treasured possession? 
Grim, but probably my laptop. All my artwork is on my computer, and it’s how I make my designs! I wouldn’t be able create my pieces without it!

If you had flexibility to live anywhere, where would it be?
I used to think I wanted to live anywhere in the world besides Melbourne. Now, I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. I’ve done stints in LA and NYC - both of which I absolutely LOVED. But at the end of the day, this is my home and I want to build my empire here! 


Who has been your biggest influence?
I am QUEEN of listening to podcasts on personal development and business. My biggest influence would probably have to be Tony Robbins (corny, I know) but I’ve learnt a lot about business and life from what he has to say!

What’s the most powerful way to make a first impression?
Smile. Always. 

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