Jack + Bell is a concept built on quality, a new watch company.  

For centuries watches have marked status, experience and milestones. Contemporary ways of life have established humans as hard working social beings, experience hunters and fun seekers. 

A Jack + Bell watch feels as comfortable in the boardroom, as on the sand, the sea or the work site.  Our philosophy is not about what you do, it is about your mentality.  

Our watches rely heavily on quality, craftsmanship and authenticity in supply chain.  We champion the best available parts from different corners of the world assembling a watch that achieves unique product offering.

A quality watch is something you put on every morning and take off every night.  An important piece in the daily ritual of your lifestyle. We want a Jack + Bell watch to remind you to keep moving forward, keep pushing, keep exploring and make the most of it all.  Time will always keep moving and so must you.