Hayden Calnin is one of Melbourne's most exciting young music talents.  

From his first single For My Help in 2012 to his latest 2017 single Waves, Calnin has proven himself as a remarkable musician, story teller and producer.   The self taught instrumentalist is melodic, intimate and at times progressive. As we watch and listen to his career develop it is clear his degree in film and major in sound design influence the cinematic soundscapes that build his body of work.  With an impressive vocal range the lyrics and melodies suggest there are meaningful motifs behind it, however interpreted by the listener.  There is a connection to the work that inspires the listener to trust the authenticity of the music and enable one to relate in their own way. It is personal music.

Calnin has toured as the supporting act for a number of world reclaimed artists such as Matt Corby, Tom Odell and The Antlers.  With the release of Cut Love in 2016 and his recent single Waves, Calnin and band play three shows across the country. Jack and Bell attended the Melbourne show where Calnin and band played sincere atmospheric ballads to an adoring and affectionate setting. 

As Hayden Calnin continuously gathers international attention and acclaim we can only be excited for this home grown talent to write, produce, play music and take us on his journey of discovery. 

We caught up with Hayden earlier this month where the artist played a striped back version of his latest single Waves in an intimate setting at the private dining room of Mr Miyagi Restaurant.  If you are only discovering Hayden's music now we suggest you listen from the early work first and make your way through to his latest.  This will give you a feeling of the growth and humble personality of what is Hayden Calnin. 

J+B:  What time did you get up this morning?
HC: I got up at around 8am. Pretty standard wake up time. I like my mornings.

J+B: Where are you living at the moment and why?
HC: I currently live in Fitzroy, Victoria. It’s a pretty amazing suburb here in Melbourne. Lots happening, vegan friendly, and lots of live music and night life. 

J+B: If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
HC: I’d like to head over to Europe for a while, every time I’ve been, I fall a little more in love with it. 

J+B: What is your most treasured possession?
HC: My grandmothers piano which she gave me. I’ve written so many songs on that thing and it’s full of so many memories.

A special happiness. The word feels a little Hollywood for my liking, but I guess it is something that you feel very privileged to have.

J+B: What do you consider to be your greatest ever achievement?
HC: I’m a pretty modest person. I don’t know if anything stands out from the rest. I guess if I had to pick something, it would be having people sing back my songs to me in Paris. I didn’t even think 5 people would come to my show over there, but instead it was a full house and they knew all the words. I was so surprised. 

J+B: What is your day job?
HC: It all revolves around music. I play it, I record it, I mix it, I produce it, I teach it, and I love it. 

J+B: Why do you do what you do?  
HC: It’s the only thing I’ve ever had the motivation to get better at. It’s a fascinating world and industry, and I’m hooked. It’s one of the only parts of my life that I feel completely honest and open with.

J+B: What is the most rewarding thing you do in your daily routine? 
HC: Coffee hit and afternoon walks. 

J+B: What is the best gift you have ever received?
HC: My star wars mug is a big one. When you put hot water in it, the light sabers light up. I’m a proud star wars fan, an flaunt it on a daily basis.  

J+B: Who/What is your biggest influence?
HC: Life seems to be the biggest influence on me. It has it’s great moments, and it’s terrible ones. Life experience is what keeps me writing songs. 

J+B: What music are you listening to at the moment?
HC: Pretty much just one artist who I just can’t get enough of, Lief Vollebeck. Go and listen immediately. I need to spread the word so he can have an excuse to come to Melbourne and play a show.

J+B: We have noticed that you never play a song differently each time you perform it.  Why is that? 
HC: What’s the point of playing it the same? I’ve never seen the appeal of it whenever I’m at a live gig. The specialness of it disappears if it’s exactly the same every time. If you want to hear it the same, you can just listen to the recording of it at home and that’s all there is to it. I try and make my live shows as special as I can. I want people to connect to it in their own way. Plus, I’m always in a different mood for every show. Sometimes I’m happy, and I’ll give a song a happier edge to it; sometimes I’m down, or tired, and I can only give so much to it and it’s a very different emotion attached to it.

J+B: You are producing music for others artist nowadays. Is it as rewarding to bring other artists work to life as much as your own. 
HC: It’s my favourite thing in the world. I have so many plans in that field of work for my future. I want to tell you them all, but it is all a big secret and in the works.

J+B: What does luxury mean to you?
HC: A special happiness. The word feels a little Hollywood for my liking, but I guess it is something that you feel very privileged to have. 

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