Almost a decade ago a close friend of Jack + Bell, Remy Ghougassian took the leap from a job in commercial property in Melbourne to follow a life doing what made him happy.    This leap , driven perhaps by a genetic instinct now finds Remy running his own made to measure clothing practice aptly and eponymously named REMY.  Floating across Australia's capital cities we spoke with Remy on the opening of his first permanent showroom in the CBD of Sydney,  the city he now calls home.  

A tailored garment is a one off, meticulously crafted with particular detail. The practice of a tailor is less about the exploits of label driven fast fashion with a clear focus on timelessness, attention to detail and individualism.   It is now a contemporary version of an old school process that aligns with a traditional master craftsmen.

To me, the most interesting response from Remy is when he mentions that the greatest moments of reward in his work is through his client's feedback, when they express how good they feel in their new suit.  This typifies the power of clothing and fashion within society.  In many ways, fashion is most successful for individuals when it is not about how you look wearing a specific garment or outfit, yet it is how it makes you feel when wearing it.   

We met and photographed Remy within his new natural environment, a clean light filled showroom space and also in the raw material rich streets of Sydney's CBD.  Albiet the humble personality and playful laughter, it is evident that the comfort in each context no doubt is expressed through the clothing he chooses to wear himself.  

Remy Ghougassian:
Art Direction: Jack + Bell
Photography:  Daniel Goode:
On set Director: Olympia Scott:

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What time do you get up in the morning? 
R:  7am, I am a bit of a night owl. I like to work late.. 

Where are you living at the moment and why?
R: I live in Bellevue Hill in Sydney with my partner. Melbourne is too cold for me now!

If you could live anywhere, where would it be? 
R:  I'd  happily live anywhere that has a unique energy. I'm fortunate enough to travel a fair bit for work and everywhere has its pros and cons. I think somewhere in Japan or China would be super interesting..  

When I think of luxury I think of garments being made specifically for the wearer, with the best possible textile. To me the best natural fibres around the world are luxurious. 

What is your day job? You left a job in property to work in the fashion / suiting industry, what made you do this?
R: My father. He is super creative, but chose a stable life in advertising in order to provide for us as kids. Then only after my brothers and I finished school did he go back to being a photographer which had always been his passion.  

He was really successful when he left advertising, which proved to me that doing something you loved was so important. 

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So Why have you choices to do you do?
R: I have a passion for clothing and textiles. I was obsessive about the fit of clothing, even when I was into selvage denim and sneakers. So for me my natural progression was to develop a love for more tailored garments. Hence why I moved into suiting and tailored casual pieces. 

We are interested in routines,  what is the most rewarding thing you do in your daily routine? 
R:  When i get a text / email from someone that says how happy they were or how good they feel in my suits.  That's what makes my day. 

What is your most treasured possession?
R: I can be pretty obsessive about clothing when I first buy it / have it made, but then I move on.  At the moment, it's a Loro piana pure cashmere parka and a pair of MTM selvage white denim jeans.  They're both epic, especially together.  

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What is the best gift you have ever received? 
R:  This will sound corny but perhaps the upbringing I've had.  I think it had a great balance of realism and creativeness as well as love and support. 

What do you consider to be your greatest ever achievement? 
R:  I dont think I have acheived anything of note yet!  Or maybe I'm just not easily content. If I had to say something... opening my first showroom in Sydney. 

Who / What is your biggest influence?
R: It's been everyone that I've come across in my lifetime. Everyone you interact with has in some way had a say in how you think.  Which in part is influence in your life. My family, friends, girlfriend and work mates, they have all had an influence. 

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What music are you listening to at the moment?
R: I fluctuate between NPR tiny desk sessions, jazz and classical music in the showroom but I'm up for a little of anything most of the time.  

What does luxury mean to you? 
When I think of luxury I think of garments being made specifically for the wearer, with the best possible textile. To me the best natural fibres around the world are luxurious. 

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