Tamara Weston is the founder of T Form, a two year young Pilates studio in the latte sipping active wear clad suburb of Hawksburn. T Form is quickly etching its place as one of Melbourne’s most popular Pilates studios, anchoring the burgeoning movement of mindfulness, health and fitness.

The Jack + Bell team have closely followed Tamara since she made the difficult decision to leave behind a successful corporate career in marketing to invest her time and experience in to something she loves, Pilates. 

In our quest to celebrate everything that represents quality of time, we caught up with Tamara to discuss the benefits of a lifestyle that promotes flexibility, balance and control of movement.

J+B:  What time did you get up this morning?
TW: 5.26am – It’s amazing what you can do with that extra four minutes!

J+B:  That’s an extra 34 minutes on me, or 44 if I hit the snooze button. What’s for breakfast?
TW: When I’m up before the sun, a fancy blend of Weetbix and muesli shovelled down between classes. With a little bit more time on the weekends, I join the rest of Melbourne with my homemade version of smashed avocado and eggs, with the secret ingredient vegemite on toast.


J+B:  I would generally associate a lot of coffee with an alarm that starts with 5, but I noticed a healthy assembly of tea in your studio. How do you keep your mind and body active to consistently perform over a long day of instructing?
TW:  Even though herbal tea is ‘on tap’ in the studio for my clients, Pilates instructors need coffee too! I have my skinny latte midmorning, which for me is 8am!     However, you’ll often find me up the road at about 3pm ordering a hot chocolate from Xocolotl. I’m addicted to their Spanish blend.    

J+B: How were you introduced to Pilates?
TW:   As a teenager I was diagnosed with Scoliosis which forced me in to a back brace for over 3 years; a highly enviable social accessory…not! When I came out of the brace, I was introduced to Pilates to balance the structure of my back and pelvis, and I have been practicing it ever since.

Quality of movement is key, and that’s what I love about the traditional Pilates method. You really have to focus on the execution of each and every move to get the most out of it.

Everyone’s definition of luxury is different. For me it’s about taking time out for myself and a bit of pampering.

J+B: Two years ago you were a high flying marketing corporate entertaining clients in Rio during the World Cup, and have since traded in the laptop for the crop top. What was the instigator behind the change and what has been the most rewarding aspect?
TW:  My Marketing career was great fun. I made some awesome friends and got to do some pretty cool stuff with great companies. However, it’s important to love and believe in what you do and my real passion is Pilates.  


The most rewarding part of my job is seeing my clients experience the strength and freedom of movement that Pilates has given me. I have such a lovely community at T Form which makes teaching a pleasure – I’m very lucky to spend my days with likeminded people.

J+B: Aside from the clean palette and minimalist aesthetic, the one thing that really sets the mood in your studio is the music (we spent half the photoshoot on shazaam). What visceral experience do you try and create for your clients?
TW:  My aim is to create an environment where clients can walk in and feel a sense of calm. The aesthetics combined with the music, which I do spend a lot of time selecting, are integral to the T Form Pilates experience.

We all lead such busy lives and I feel privileged that my clients choose to spend 50 minutes of their day at T Form. My hope is that my clients leave the studio with both their bodies and minds refreshed. 


J+B: Outside of the studio, what are your passions and interests?
TW:  Apart from catching up with friends and buying more leggings, I’m obsessing with the ‘How I Built This with Guy Raz’ podcast. Start listening… so inspiring!  

J+B: Where are you living at the moment and why?
I live a four minute walk from the studio in Hawksburn Village… Don’t tell anyone, but sometimes I drive!

J+B: If you had flexibility to pick up the studio and live elsewhere, where would it be?
I think Bronte in Sydney. Not only is it where my new nephew lives, but you just can’t beat that consistent warm weather, being by the ocean and the active outdoor lifestyle.  


J+B: We have always considered a watch the ultimate companion; it comes with you everywhere you go, and sleeps next to you at night. Do you have a favourite companion or treasured possession?
TW: Apart from my Jack + Bell watch(not sponsored)… my Pilates spikey ball, it’s addictive.

J+B: Ouch! What sits on your bed side table alongside your Jack + Bell watch?
TW: A glass of water, a soy or beeswax candle and a picture of Nan & Pa!

J+B: What was the latest brand that stirred your interest?
TW:  I’m obsessed with a US activewear brand called Outdoor Voices. I wear a lot of leggings, and these are some of the best out there. Their colours and styles fit the T Form brand and so does their moto #doingthings.    Still waiting on the ambassador call..haha!

J+B: If you had a spare weekend, where and how would you spend it?
TW: A couple of weeks ago I was hiking in the Dolomites in Italy and have developed an interest in discovering the world in hiking boots, so I think I’d go bush.

J+B:  Who has been your biggest influence?
TW:  It sounds funny but my biggest influences are my clients. They give me the confidence to believe in what I do. I admire their commitment to Pilates, and the fact that they roll up day-after-day, week-after-week – it is pretty inspirational.


J+B: What’s the most powerful way to make a first impression?
TW: Being friendly and showing interest.

J+B: What does the term luxury mean to you?
TW:  Everyone’s definition of luxury is different. For me it’s about taking time out for myself and a bit of pampering. Nothing beats a Still Beauty massage and Little Company facial! Heaven. 

J+B:  And finally, what is next for Tamara Weston?
TW:    A lot more Pilates… and a little side project that I’m working on with a friend called EO+.    Stay tuned…

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